Operation Love & Hope is passionate about children’s happiness, unity among families, growth and development, and helping the less fortunate. Our programs are designed to assist in implementing love as the main component to encourage and empower families, unify communities and change lives. We strive to provide a dynamic and constantly- evolving programs that will allow love to become the main ingredient to restore happiness and peace among families.


Our Hope & Help program help individuals that are in need of resources and referrals. We make sure that our clients receive resources and information needed in order to guide them on the right track to a hopeful future.

Our purpose is to research resources that are a match up with our clients needs. Operation Love & Hope provides excellent referrals in areas such as childcare services, transportation, housing, education, and financial stability. We work diligently and discreetly with our clients to identify their needs.


The pressures of being a single mother becomes a struggle every day. With the rising costs of food, gas, & daycare. The national rate for the number of households led by a single mother with children under 18 living in the household in the United States is 7.76 percent. In Georgia, 9.07 percent of single mothers are way below the poverty rate.


Our S.O.A.R. program assists single mothers in destitute circumstances that have a desire to strive for excellence in their lives but due to some situations, it has led them in a different direction. Our clients are enrolled in one-on-one session and given assessments to help them discover their full potential. They are exposed to job skills, survival skills, and Life foundation classes which educate them on Parenting skills, Financial skills, and education. We are here to encourage and empower single mothers.


Program Objectives:


  • Increase self-esteem/ Believing  in Yourself

  • You are not your circumstance

  • Hope & Help resource assistance 

  • Job Skills/ Training/ Resume assistance

  • Parenting Skills

  • Financial Literacy Assistance

  • Self- Help skills


tree of hope


Our Tree of Hope program assists families with toys for the Christmas Holidays. Check back in November for more information & application to apply.


gift of love


Our Gift of Love program provides assistance and shows love to single mothers and less fortunate familes. We provide transportation cards, diapers, as well as other necessities.






Our S.O.A.R. Program (Single


Moms Overcoming and Rising)


above their circumstances is a

program that mentoring single


mothers with direction,


encouragement and guidance


into a hopeful future & teaching


them how to create a stabilized




sharing the warmth


Our Share the Warmth programs


donates care packages as well as


other necessities to homeless


individuals located in Metro




Operation Love & Hope

From Vision, Mission To Making A Difference. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good.


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